Unseat Nunes
Ricardo Franco: Our choice for Congressional District CA-22!


 Franco primed to unseat Nunes

This is not the official web site for Ricardo Franco.  You can visit his web site at Ricofranco.com

About Us:  After the January 2017 Women's March in Washington D.C, a group of local women got together and formed an Unseat Nunes group.  We were the first local grassroots organization to initiate efforts to start an unseat Nunes campaign, starting with fundraising (Crowdpac) and launching a website.  Our goal was to generate interest, help the community realize the potential to challenge Nunes and find the candidate to do so.


About June Primary

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the upcoming Open Primary on June 5th. Voters have voiced concern that the Democratic candidates will split the vote. Since there is only one Republican (Nunes) on the ballot, and the top two vote-getters go on to the General Election in November, we don't need to be worried about vote splitting. Most likely, Nunes will get the first spot as the Republican Incumbent and the second spot will go to one of the Democratic candidates. After the June Primary election, Democratic voters will fall behind the one who places second. Please see the below to see why we strongly believe we need to vote on June 5th for Mr. Franco! 


WHY did we decided to endorse mR. fRANCO?

Mr. Franco understands that it takes more than party politics to resolve the issues facing our families within the valley.  He has been the only one focused primarily on local and national issues.

Mr. Franco doesn't have endorsements from political insiders, big campaign contributions (because he refuses to play party politics) nor does he spend donations on flashy web sites.  He knows that the most important endorsements to earn are from the voters themselves.

How he runs his campaign is a good indicator of how he will conduct himself if he is elected.  Rather than compromise his values for personal payback, he will be staying true to his convictions.  Rather than bashing Republicans for cheap political attention, he will find a way to work with them.

We trust Ricardo Franco will do the right thing in D.C., as he has proven this to us during this campaign.

Click below to see where Mr. Franco stands on issues.

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